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Data is essential for the work we do here at the University.  This page will help you set-up an excel spreadsheet so that it is both usable for sighted readers as well as those using a screen reader. 

Accessibility barriers:

It is important to note:

  • Ribbon style menu layouts (like Excel X.X)  may make navigation difficult for screen reader users. 
  • Graphs and charts must include alt text and descriptions so that screen reader can understand the specific data or overall information the graph is conveying.  
  • Large data sets with undefined parameters are not accessible to blind users, low vision users or users with cognitive impairments.



Pro tips

Long lists of data are much easier to read if you make the title row frozen in place so that as you scroll down the document the title of each column is readable no matter where you are in the data list.  To freeze the top row select View > Freeze > 1 row (to freeze a column too, do the same thing expect View > Freeze > 1 column).


Accessible Digital Office Document (ADOD) Project


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